“League of Denial”

After years and years of head and brain injuries in football, “League of Denial” has given victims, sufferers, researchers, and their families the chance to tell their stories directly to the cameras.  They were allowed to talk about their concern for the growing concussion problem.  Little did the fans realize that they were sitting there watching these men destroy their lives.  They were padding the NFL’s pockets and subsidizing the suffering of the players and their families.  The truth was kept from them.  It seems the NFL keeps the players in a fog, making the ones who come away with brain damage wondering how football caused their injuries. The NFL still donate large amounts of money to research. They have also tried to promote safety by imposing fines and suspensions for dangerous tackles made to the head. They try to make football seem safer to the viewers by doing these things. Roger Goodell told Congress in 2009: “Nobody knows whether there’s a link, nobody knows what the risks are, we’re going to let the researchers work it out.” So how does this make you feel about the NFL? We could stop supporting them altogether, but this probably isn’t going to happen. If we still choose to watch football, we need to let the NFL leaders know we still want them to continue to research concussions and brain injuries. What is being done now is not enough.


When I woke up this morning, all I could think about was dove hunting. The last several years when I would be out of school on Labor Day, I would go dove hunting. That Monday is always opening day of dove season. Dove hunting is a type of hunting which I really enjoy doing. Dove hunting is different from deer hunting in that you might sit for a few hours and be lucky to see any deer. There is almost always going to be action while dove hunting. This was the first year that I have not got to go dove hunting on Labor Day because of college classes. I am looking forward to going in the next few days.

I am also looking forward to going bow hunting. This year, bow season began the first Saturday in September. I hope to be sitting in a deer stand on Saturday mornings. I encountered a problem with my bow a week before opening day, so I had to borrow one from my Dad’s friends.

I have high hopes for rifle season this year. We just leased a large amount of farm land in Iredell County.  Each time we have gone there, we have seen thirty to forty deer. Rifle season comes in on November 23rd.  Usually, deer season for us can be pretty boring. Hopefully, this season will be different.

I chose to write about this topic because it really interests me. I have always loved to hunt. I chose to revise this piece because I felt more comfortable to write about hunting. The link I used to find dates when opening seasons start was: http://www.ncwildlife.org/Hunting/SeasonsLimits/201213DeerSeasons.aspx